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About Didim Chamber of Commerce

Paving the way for trade and the economy in the district, Didim Chamber of Commerce is a leading contributing organization. The Didim Chamber of Commerce was established in 1995 and began operating in April 1996, Didim chamber in the month of April. Since its establishment it has undertaken many projects and activities. The Didim Chamber of Commerce has been involved in activities to protect and develop the current and future visions of its members by integrating with its members. The Didim Chamber of Commerce has benifited from strong financial resources for these works.

Very rigorous work understanding of members of the Board of Directors is influential in Didim Chamber of Commerce activities. Business Plans are made by the Members of the Board of Directors, business plans are developed, plans are made at regular intervals and performances are evaluated. Thus, the members of the Board of Directors play an important role in the development of relations with the people and organizations in the relationship. Didim Chamber of Commerce attaches great importance to developing dialogue with registered members and the people with whom we interact, social institutions and organizations with an understanding of continuous development and quality. Chamber of Commerce; Always trying to provide information exchange from the people and institutions that are related to him in order to achieve the best by doing self-criticism and for this purpose he is using effective mass communication tools in the most effective way.

The Chamber of Commerce also supports training programs to increase knowledge and skills for the development of its members. The chamber is run with other chambers of commerce and participates in a number of active activities to be carried out. Didim Chamber of Commerce attained its new building in November 2004. The Chamber was built on an area of 3000 m2 .The Chamber of Commerce has begun to provide services to the people of Didim in a socio-cultural sense with the social activities, especially the Didim Chamber of Commerce Culture Center building.Our aim is to continuously improve the Didim Chamber of Commerce.